All donations will be made to the University of Delaware, and then allocated into UDRAA account.  These are tax deductible donations, and donation recognition letters will be mailed from UD to you for tax purposes.

How to Donate

4 Steps:

1) Click the button below.

2) TYPE of GIFT:   Select "New Payment".

3) Goto the last designation and type "Top 10 Rugby Fund" in the "other" box.

4) ENTER: your contribution amount.

Lastly, thank you for your donations, your generosity helps build the UD Rugby program of today and tomorrow!

Top 10 Rugby Fund

Introducing the “Top 10 Rugby Fund” – this is the primary fundraising account that UDRAA will use to support the team with equipment, travel, coaching…all of the above with no limitations/restrictions. The goal is to leverage these funds to lift Delaware Rugby to achieve and maintain ranking as a Top 10 team in the country.

Please donate at: to use our online giving form. You can pay online via check or credit card. Please be sure to designate your gift to the "Top 10 Rugby Fund" in the “Other” box.

Contact treasurer Stephen Sanchez with questions about donating, 

All gifts to the UDRAA are fully tax deductible and count as a donation to the University for purposes of UD giving clubs and University recognition. 

Additionally, donations to the UDRAA count towards Delaware Diamond Society recognition. Delaware Diamond Society donors have access to the Bob Carpenter Club and other unique opportunities. Visit

Let's continue to make a difference and contribute today!